100 Students Show Up at Board of Trustees Meeting

On April 14th, 2016, upwards of 100 students gathered on Carnegie Green to call on the Board of Trustees to vote in favor of divestment. Following the rally, these students marched into the Board of Trustees meeting to set the tone for Divest DU’s presentation to the Board of Trustess and demand that the they treat the issue with the urgency it demands.

Our presentation to the Board lasted nearly an hour and went very well overall. However, at the end, KC Gallagher, the Chair of the Investment Committee, explicitly refused to consider our demand that it vote on Divestment by May 14th, indicating that there was a “0% Chance” of that happening.

Stay tuned for more information as we determine how Divest DU will proceed in the coming weeks. And THANK YOU to everyone who came out and stood with us in solidarity – you make this movement possible.


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