BOT To Create Divestment Task Force, Vote on Divestment in January 2017

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It’s been almost a month since we presented our case in front of DU’s Board of Trustees and showed student power at a rally that attracted upwards of 100 people. Finally, the Board has responded and we are able to see the results of two and a half years of hard work. Copied below is an email that the entire DU community received from BOT Chair Doug Scrivner on this Monday:

Gmail - Message from the chair of the Board of Trustees



As a result of Divest DU’s 2.5 years of organizing, the University of Denver Board of Trustees has committed to comprehensively analyze the issue of divestment, opening a path towards voting on full fossil fuel divestment by January, 2017.

The Board of Trustees Task Force will be finalized in the coming week, and will have its first meeting with students before the end of this school year. Following a thorough analysis of fossil fuel divestment as it pertains to DU, the Task Force will make a recommendation to the entire Board before the January Board meeting, where the entire Board will vote on divesting the University of Denver from climate catastrophe.

This victory is a direct result of our organizing, and would not have happened without your support. Six months ago, the Board informed Divest DU that they did not have time to engage with the issue of divestment this school year; through our mobilization, the Board has moved to fulfill their ethical and fiduciary responsibility in seriously investigating the process of divestment.

While Divest DU has undoubtedly won a huge victory, this fight for climate justice is not over. Next year, we will need everyone’s active support in continuing to build power on campus, and hold our Trustees accountable for protecting our generation’s indefeasible right to raise our children on a safe and hospitable planet.

– Divest DU


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