BOT Task Force Concludes Hearings

It’s our future. It’s our fight. And we haven’t backed down.

One week ago, four of Divest DU’s student leaders, Callyn Gonzalez, Lily Gross, Carly LeRoy, and Lori Scott, presented our case to the Board of Trustee’s Investigative Task Force on Divestment. This Task Force, consisting of Dr. Jim Griesemer (chair of Task Force), Cappy Shopneck, and Craig Harrison, has been meeting throughout the summer to hear perspectives on the issue of divestment, and the last meeting was the 6th of October. This was our biggest moment so far to convince the Task Force that they should recommend full fossil fuel divestment to the Board when they deliver their report in January.

In addition to presenting them with personal narratives, connecting the issue of climate change to their lives and beliefs, explaining the new and terrifying science, and emphasizing the theme of social justice, Divest DU general team members also got to have their say. More than thirty supporters showed up, signs in hand, to demonstrate student support for divestment. Ten of those people got up in front of the Task Force to explain who they are and why they support this movement. Additionally, throughout the week we had community members sign a giant banner saying “I am a Pioneer and I Support Divestment” with the reasons they’re behind us! At the end of the presentation we gave this banner to the Task Force to show them that we, as Pioneers, are proud to be working to change this university and the world, and they too can be a part of our movement.


Photo petition created during the days of October 3-5 before the presentation

If you want to see our presentation for yourself, head on over to the Task Force portfolio page and click the video from October 6th! We come in about half way through!

Even though we’ve made our case formally, we still have work to do. We will be making moves and making sure the Board knows we are still here, still vocal, and still committed to a full fossil fuel divestment come January. And they should be too!

And that’s where you come in! If you want to be a part of the next steps towards ensuring we win, students, please join us on Wednesdays from 6-7 pm in the JMAC classroom! With you, we are powerful. And we will change the world.

Please email us at if you have any questions or comments.

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