125+ walk out at University of Denver to reject Trump’s climate denial

Students and faculty walked out of class for fossil fuel divestment, to reject Trump’s climate policies

On January

Yesterday, more than 125 students and faculty walked out on the University of Denver campus to support fossil fuel divestment and oppose the climate change denialism of President Trump and his new administration. Members of the DU community walked out to call on Chancellor Chopp and the Board of Trustees to divest from a reckless industry and choose to protect all of our futures.

The walkout comes at a crucial moment for Divest DU. After years of campaigning by Divest DU, the DU Board of Trustees formed a task force to investigate divestment last spring. The task force concluded its investigation in October, and on Friday, January 20, the full Board met to discuss the task force’s findings and vote on divestment. The Board is expected to announce its decision later this week.

“The divestment movement is part of a broader political push for climate justice, which recognizes the complex intertwining nature of systems of oppression,” said Lori Scott, Coalition Coordinator for Divest DU. “Rather than simply fighting climate change, we aim to use our campaign to fight for social justice and a sustainable future for all beings.”

Divest DU joined more than 40 other campuses across the country in walking out, as coordinated by the Fossil Fuel Divestment Student Network. More than 1,000 students walked out in the nation’s first and largest youth-led mobilization under Trump’s presidency.

“Our campaign is three years old and we have engaged more than 1,500 in this conversation through our petition alone,” said Kengo Nagaoka, Institutional Coordinator for Divest DU. “Now we are in the week when the Board will announce their decision. We are expecting Chancellor Chopp and our Board to lead with us on climate action.”

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